WebSat Messenger

Encrypted and web based global communications

Powered by Blockstream Satellite, Lightning Network, and PGP

  1. Compose any kind of message in the text area below, or paste one in.
  2. Paste in a PGP Public Key in the adjacent text area to encrypt the message with. If you don't have one, you can try out the keys generated at the bottom of this page.
  3. Encrypt your message, and save the resulting file. The Sattelite API requires the submission be in file format.
  4. Upload your new encrypted file in the Satellite Upload section, and enter it into the broadcast queue.
  5. Pay the resulting Lightning Network invoice (testnet coins!) to broadcast your encrypted message. A recommended wallet for easy testing is htlc.me. You can use the other provided information to check on the status of your message under Manage Transmissions
  6. All encryption functions take place completely client side in the browser, and can be done offline. Regardless, treat this as an educational tool only!

Message to Broadcast:

PGP Key to Encrypt With:

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Blockstream Satellite Upload

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Authorization Token:

Lightning Invoice:

Don't have PGP keys? Try Using These.

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